Tuesday, 24 December 2013


I went for tea and cake (and mulled wine, of course!) this afternoon at the 'borrowed' house of one of my oldest friends today. I had a really lovely time talking to everyone there, and of course, catching up with my friend. We met when I was 5 and she was 4 at the local beach where I live, and although she lives in the big city, and I don't, we always see each other as regularly as possible. I love catching up for old time's sake, and we both always have so much to talk about, and considering we both adore fashion and makeup, it's not hard for us to get into a deep conversation.
I wish I'd taken a snap of the fabulous naughty treats that were on offer, such as gold topped brownie bites, and millionaire shortbread, (being partly Scottish, this girl loves her shortbread!) so that was a magnificent treat!
I also got a new video filmed, edited, and uploaded today, so if you haven't checked it out, go check it out! I admit my editing went a little wonky in one place, so my apologies, as I said, I'm still learning, so it isn't 100% perfect yet. Still making myself check if things are in focus can also be my slip up!
But anyway, a beautiful ending, to a quiet, peaceful Christmas eve. Tomorrow is going to be filled with wonder.



Sunday, 15 December 2013


What better time to go all dressy than at Christmas? I've been going MAD in the shops with Christmas outfits (dresses to be honest!) So I'm in a hurry as we have some guests coming over soon to have lunch with us, so this is a quick flick through of two dresses I've been adoring!
Dress: Primark
Shoes: Office.
Dress: Primark
So, just a quick OOTD post, I'm currently looking like the final image I posted, since I just got a quick snap!
Have a wonderful Sunday!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013


I have to admit, I absolutely adore this time of year. Not more than summer, no, but I do love the things that winter brings. It brings the opportunity to have lit open fires, and with that, roasting chestnuts or marshmallows. Another thing I love is the uncertainty of snow, just the thought of it can fill me with excitement. There was one year, I believe 2011 in January when it snowed on my birthday! It was thrilling and exciting, because I was able to spend my birthday tobogganing behind my school on an unused field with friends.

Of course, the greatest experience Winter brings is Christmas. It's the festive thrill that is almost contagious, and spreads from person to person. And the fact that it's the one time of year that you can have entire pamper days, and not feel even remotely guilty, whereas in summer, you feel you should be doing something outside, and taking full advantage of the good weather, since it is so unusual in Great Britain.

Photo from Tumblr.
Another thrill is the opening of advent calendars, the giving and exchanging of gifts. I've already done my Christmas shopping for my mum, and I have my 'me to you bear' advent calendar on the go (who says an eighteen year old girl can't have an advent calendar? Although I do believe that once you reach this age, you should upgrade to a slightly more grownup version, such as the Benefit 'Count Down To love' Calendar!!)
And of course, there is the coming of a new year. Does anyone else feel like this year has literally flown by? That brings about new years resolutions and the actual calculation of what one has achieved this year. That'll come later.

Oh, and of course, there's the right to wear silly christmas jumpers, just because you can, and no-one can tell you it's silly, because it is the time of year when you can get away with it.
Photo from Tumblr.
I'm just thrilled to be able to have some time away from college, and to be able to relax, focus on myself, my health and of course have some time on my hands to make more videos, edit, process and upload them. And of course, that ocassional pamper day in between!
So a Very Merry Christmas to all who read this.



Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Hey guys.

So today I decided that to celebrate gaining 106 subscribers, I would do something a little bit different. Something that means you can all get to know me a bit better, and at more of a personal level. Let’s get started!

1) I love cats. (You already knew this didn’t you?) I am not the hugest dog fan, but I do like some breeds of dog. I do get a little nervous around them though.

2) My favourite colour is blue. I like really beautiful turquoise blues, nothing too dark like navy, but nothing too pale so that it’s almost white! Powder blue is my preference!

3) I love cooking. Baking in particular, I’m wheat intolerant, so I make all my products wheat free so that I can eat them!

4) I have a slight addiction to homemade wheat free pizza. Mozzarella and parma ham topped is my favourite.

5) I’m afraid of the dark.

6) I can play one instrument: the piano. I had lessons from the age of eleven to fourteen. I achieved a grade three, and then I gave it up. I do almost regret giving it up, but I don’t have the greatest attention span.

7) I don’t eat seafood. Of any sort. Not even cod. I cannot stand it.

8) I wear glasses for short sightedness. I have to wear them every day, otherwise I can’t see anything, but I tend to wear contact lenses. Bring on laser surgery!

9) I’ve only ever had one job; I did waitressing for a summer, and after that, I swore I’d never waitress again. It gave me the motivation I required to push myself harder in college, because I was not compatible with waitressing. It didn’t suit me or my personality at all.

10)      I’d rather be very early for something, rather than very late. As a result of this, I always arrive to events with time to spare, I’d rather be prepared to wait for something than arrive and find I’ve missed an opportunity.

11)      When I am not writing my blog, making, editing and processing YouTube videos, I like to watch shows such as Lewis, Midsomer Murders, Antiques Roadtrip and Bargain Hunt. The reason for this is down to my grandma, whom I lost in 2011. We used to watch all these programmes together, and I’ve carried on the tradition ever since. I just can’t get enough of them.

12)      I’m not the best athlete. I used to swim competitively, and I still can swim a good race here and there, but not like I used to. As I said, I’m just not that good at sports. I also enjoy tennis, and volleyball, so if forced to play a sport, it would have to be volleyball, where I can become quite competitive.

13)      I’ve never had an ‘actual’ boyfriend. I guess I’ve just not met him yet, either that, or the person I did ‘like’ for a very long time was always taken, so no surprises I didn’t do anything about that then!

14)      I’m very traditional when it comes to relationships, and always believe the most romantic ‘asking out’ should be done by the man, but in modern times, it’s equally males to females that ask each other out, although I’d always prefer to be asked by the man.

15)      I adore candles and fairy lights, I find that they can brighten up any room and make me feel positive at any time!

16)      My birthday is the 10th of January. I will be 19, and I’m quite excited.

17)      I love traditional retro sweets! I’m talking Milky Way Magic Stars, Millions (Bubblegum or cola flavoured, of course!), and sherbet lemons.

18)      I occasionally like to eat junk food, but it is on rare occasions, I’d rather eat something like homemade pizza, where I know exactly what I’ve put into my food!

19)      My favourite subject at college is a mixture of Environmental studies and Geography.

20)      I can’t wait to leave college, I feel like school days should be over!

21)      I have one pet; a tabby cat called Gü.

22)      I love winter for the reason that you can have a lit fire, and can roast chesnuts on it, and of course, there’s Christmas! Other than that, I much prefer the summer, but I don’t tend to sit in the sunshine for long, I just can’t take being still in the heat!

23)      I love swimming in swimming pools, but I never swim in the sea. I used to, but as I got older, I began to feel the cold more, and living in the UK, the sea temperature is always very low, so I don’t tend to go in the sea.

24)      My hair is naturally poofy and slightly wavy. I wish I had straight hair all the time, all the straightening is so damaging to it!

25)      I am 5 foot 4 and 1/2! I’m quite small, but curvy, so I try to utilise this the best ways that I can!

So that was my 25 facts about me! I hope it helps you all to get to know me a little better!

Photo from Tumblr to get you feeling all Wintery!


Sunday, 24 November 2013


So today has been exceptional, I met my number one idol, Antiques Expert Tim Wonnacott! I don't know if many of you know him, but he presents Bargain Hunt and narrates Antiques Road Trip. He is such an incredible man, so kind and friendly to talk to!

I also ended up doing something I shouldn't have, again....... I went into Primark. Seriously, I need to restrain myself better, bad Sam! Oh we'll, I guess it will make for part III of the Winter Primark Haul that will be going up onto YouTube. Unfortunately for me, my original part I footage was horrendously out of focus, and after re-filming it, the footage was accidentally deleted from my SD card, so I have no available footage to upload, so I do promise, that after my mock A Levels this week, I will refilm and of course, upload right away, so I do apologise again for the delays! But anyway, the footage should be better this time, and I am excited for it to be completed. 

So, much love!

Ultimate Idol!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Ironic really, since I much prefer cats over dogs, but truth be told, today is the day of the dogs. I was coming out of college yesterday to see my mum waiting on a roundabout really irate, which is very unusual, well, complete unlike her. Someone had basically just driven into the side of her car on the roundabout, despite slowing down, they took their eyes off of the road and drove straight into the side of our car, sending it flying half way across the road. To say I am angry is an understatement, since it means that if insurance was claimed, our car would be written off, because to replace the doors on our model of car, which is unusual(ish) would cost more than the value of the car!! So yes, to say I'm annoyed is an understatement. What really gets me as well is that the person didn't seem that bothered. At least they even bothered to stop to give us their details. Either way, I'm slightly more grumpy that I should be on a Tuesday morning (oh, how is that even possible?) and it makes me nervous to drive, since it doesn't matter how clever you are and how controlled your driving is, some idiot could always not be paying attention and completely ruin your car. If you've damaged your own car, then fine, tough luck, your fault, your problem, you have to pay, but when you keep your car in immaculate condition and someone decides to ruin it for you, that's a different matter. 

I've been trying to upload my most recent YouTube video for almost three days now. Stupid internet and computers, honestly. Sometimes I just wonder why it takes so long!

I think this evening I will be making myself a homemade pizza and snuggling up to my radiator with a fluffy pillow and a good film. I so wish 'The Croods' had been released already, it was in the cinemas at the beginning of July! and yet they still haven't released it on DVD, and the release date keeps getting set back further and further, considering it was one of my most 'need to see' films when it was in the cinema and I was simply too busy with the end of exams to see it, so I missed it, and I've regretted it ever since. I desperately need to see that, 'Grown Ups 2', 'Despicable Me 2' and of course, 'The Hangover Part III'. Yes, I do have an extremely varied taste when it comes to films.

Fact of the day about me: I don't like or watch horror films. Whatever time of day, whenever, wherever, I never watch them. I simply don't like them.

But I am always up for watching a good comedy, rom-com, or always, a children's film, such as 'Rise Of The Guardians' which I must have seen so many times this year already, considering I only bought it in August!!! I also adore 'the adventures of Tintin' which is simply breathtaking, and I watched it four times in the first week I purchased it. Hint hint, if you wait long enough, the price really drops amazingly,  like 'The Croods', 'Tintin' was a film I had desperately wanted to catch in the cinema, and never managed to get to see, and so time just ended up going by, and I forgot about it for about a year! with occasional reminders and prompts from the internet, it triggered me to finally purchase it this August, and I am so very glad I did, so if you haven't seen it, you now have yourself the best Saturday night kiddie film that you could ever ask for!

Well, no photos today I'm afraid, I just don't have the time at the moment, but I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and aren't suffering too badly on this early, cold Tuesday morning!


Thursday, 7 November 2013


So, I had my theory test today..... I revised for 18 hours over the period of 4 days, and guess what? I passed with flying colours! Hooray! One more stress out of my life, finally!
Yes, just a quick update!
Mucho Love!

Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Well, it's all uploaded, and I hope you guys like it, it's a very loved outfit of mine!

Hope you've all been having a grand start to your week!
Much Love!

Saturday, 2 November 2013


I uploaded a YouTube video only yesterday, but already I've filmed another, which I cannot wait to upload!
The urge to go shopping is insane, but this month I've probably spent way more than I should of.
At least one piece of good news is that I am finally satisfied with my ever changing hair, it has faded from purple dip dye to blue, which I am loving right now, and it shows no sign of fading (still going strong 3 and 1/2 weeks later, woo!)
Also, wanted to say a late 'Happy Halloween everyone!', I won't lie, I'm not the biggest Halloween fan, and once I've celebrated it one way or another, I usually just put it behind me, Halloween has never carried pleasant memories for me from an early age, as the first ever Halloween party I went to was where a friend of mine's parents broke up very loudly and aggressively, so yeah, it was a truly sad night for everyone, and we were only what, three years old, maybe four?
So that's why I don't really celebrate Halloween, that and the fact that I only enjoy dressing up as non scary and non gory things, like, witch's cats for example!
I'm off out the door in a tick, so just wanted to quickly update everyone, and to say, I'm more of an active YouTuber at the moment, so if you're looking for more regular excitement, you can check me out there (see a few posts before this one for a link!)
So, yeah, it's been a good October, and now we've stepped into November, I can really start imagining Christmas!
Have a great day all, and imagine me cooped up in a car learning to drive and slugging along!

Thursday, 24 October 2013


So today has been a thoroughly enjoyable day, with the regular laughs in certain lessons, and I was super cheerful since I had popped into Primark yesterday, and found my black jumper (the same as the one stolen) hiding at the back of a rail. So of course, I snatched it up, rather too cheerfully! So that was a very exciting thing, but I am rather frustrated with my camera. It's focus is playing up again, and an entire video I had (actually three) are completely useless and bin-worthy, so my frustration is mounting increasingly. Not only that but my laptop has spaced out on me and refuses to boot. Oh the frustration! 

But in more cheerful news, my replacement items have begun to arrive, and it is so comforting to be able to open up parcels containing items that I have missed terribly over the last week. I even managed to get another River Island stud bag, but instead of being black, I got one in beige, and for only £1.04. Used, of course, but I'm not a snob when it comes to bein thrifty, after all, some of the best things I have ever gotten have been second hand, including a genuine leather RedWall Moschino Letter Belt, which was only £3, and I sold on for £151! Sadly, the belt did not fit me, so of course had to be sold on to a new home! I do very much wish it had fit me though, it was stunning and of the highest quality! 

And because I could, I picked up a Primark letter necklace, now to use who are not in the know, these are the newest trend, and I spelt mine out to say:


Why? Because that's my name, and my blog's initials! And because I adore the fact that the necklace was only a fabulously feisty £2.50! (And yes Ben, you can get one to spell your name, since we all now you love your ladies jewellery for a bit of bling on a night out!) 

 Not enough time in the day!

All the best, 
Your loving host. 


Monday, 21 October 2013


Whilst at college today, my mum decided to go and buy me some 'replacement' items for the ones that were stolen, one of those being my cheap and extremely cheerful £2.99 H&M Hairbrush. To my utter surprise and thrill, my mum came home with the exact same brush!
Sadly, my Primark jumper didn't have such a happy story, they had sadly sold out, but I hold out hope that it'll be restocked, but she did come home with 2 pairs of Super Cosy tights (yes, the ones with feet were in stock!!), a pair of leggings from Primark (I had an H&M pair with so many holes in!!) and a few other small goodies to help restock me.
She came to pick me up today and brought my favorite childhood staple: Milky Way Magic Stars! Oh how I wish I'd put up a photo of them on my Instagram, they were so gratefully received! My mother certainly knows how to cheer me up. I think I owe her a few rounds of dish washing and cook her a few meals!
So yes, I've been thoroughly cheered up, what a lovely way to end the day.
I hope you all had lovely days too? Comment below and tell me what you got up to, or write on my Facebook wall.
Lots of Love,

Sunday, 20 October 2013


Wantlist 2013 - A Girl Can Dream!

$265 - village-verve.com

Jeffrey Campbell black boots
$260 - allsole.com

River Island tote bag
$245 - riverisland.com

River Island handbag
$8.10 - riverisland.com

Benefit cosmetic

Benefit cosmetic

Benefit mascara

Benefit peony perfume

Nars cosmetic
$49 - liberty.co.uk

Topshop matte nail polish
$9.71 - johnlewis.com

Models Own nail polish
$8.10 - motelrocks.com

Topshop matte nail polish
$8.10 - johnlewis.com

Topshop nail polish
$8.10 - johnlewis.com


Friday, 18 October 2013


After having a completely sleepless night, I am feeling better this afternoon. I've been given some tablets by the doctor to help with my heart rate too, so I should be feeling better soon enough. Needless to say though, everyone still really misses their items, and the cost of replacing them is mounting. I am so angry that some items that were completely worthless to the thieves were stolen anyway, like my brand new black Primark jumper that was part of my mini haul video, and tonight I've just realized my favorite Strawberry Tart scented model's own nail polish was in the handbag that was stolen too. It's pretty sick, since my only item worth money was my ipod, why the hell steal an entire bag for just that? Why not rifle through and just take that?
I hope the police catches them. I know I have my opinion as to who it was. And I have a description in full on record.
I don't feel angry, again, just hurt. I'm so grateful to the support of the kind friends and family I have, who have shown their kindness to me, and helped me through this petty crime.
And I apologize to my blog followers, and YouTube subscribers, I just haven't had the heart to blog recently, and my physical symptoms have meant I haven't wanted to be recorded or photographed.

Thursday, 17 October 2013


I feel so violated and sick. Thieves, if you're reading this, know that forensics are checking your fingerprints as I type this. How dare you take 5 bags from a college mini bus. What is your problem? What makes you think it's ok to take my stuff and that of my friends? My bag? My wallet? My iPod? My toy pony that I've had for years. What the hell gives you the right to take the photo of my grandma who died in 2011 and was like a second mother to me? Whose death caused me to develop an illness? You stole my jumper? What the hell is that about? You took from someone with an illness. How does that make you feel? Nothing? Void? That wouldn't surprise me. You're clearly low-level with no heart at all. Seriously what in the hell gives you the right? That photo meant the world to me. I don't give a damn about the rest, but my grandma's photo and the pony? You sick, sick people. If karma exists, I'll be happy. You think you've got away with this, but forensics will track you, you're not clever enough to get away with crime in under 5 minutes scotch free. They will find you, I know it. And for taking my friend's bags? What a weak willed and pathetic, truly petty crime. No real human being with a soul steals things containing things like that, things with sentimental value, things that are worthless to you, and everyone else, except to the people you stole from. No-one.
You don't have a heart. You're heartless. Disgusting. Not even human. How does that feel? I'm not angry at you anymore. You weren't worth it. I'm just upset. If you have any goodness in your heart, you'll hand yourselves in. I reckon you probably never even went to school and got an education did you. You probably never had a loving family, and if you didn't, I'm truly sorry for you. But that doesn't mean it's right to take other people's things. 
And taking a mathematical calculator? How silly! You rifle through the bag, take the calculator and leave the bag?! That's not clever, is it? It only had the owner's marks and yours on it! So why would you do that? If you anonymously hand the items in to a Police Station thieves, and forensics find out it is you, I won't press charges. Why? Because that's the kind of good natured person I am. One good deed deserves another. So please, if you don't want them, hand them in anonymously to a police station, anywhere. Please. I will forgive you. I won't press charges, ever. I won't even hate you. I won't feel anything. I'll just be grateful you have the goodness in your heart to appreciate your actions were hurtful and unnecessary. So please, if you don't want them, please hand them in. Thank you, if you read this.
I just had to get this out there. These mean people need to be stopped. It's so unfair. 


Thank you for reading guys. I just had to tell the world how I'm feeling and warn people. Do not leave your items unattended. I've learnt my lesson.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013


...Basically just wanted to apologize that I haven't been posting as regularly as usual, I've been super tired this week, and college has been really 'full-time' so I've not been as inspired to post lately, although I have become rather attached to making videos for you, so if you're in need of a fix, you can check my YouTube channel, where you can find all my three videos. I've currently got videos #4 and 5 in the works, so stay tuned to see those, although I'm not feeling great camera-wise today, so whether or not OOTW vlog will go up, I'm not sure. I think I'll leave that to my day off college on Friday so I'll be feeling, hopefully 'fresh as a daisy' and won't feel too unhappy about being on camera!
Even if I'm not as active here as I am as a YouTuber, I'll  still be posting, just maybe not as often as I'd like, afterall, I am a full-time student, and juggling it and my favourite thing to do (blogging)is a little harder than I'd anticipated!
Have a beautiful rest of your day guys!

Sunday, 6 October 2013


Yep. My wardrobe has reached maximum capacity. It's a 2 door wardrobe, and you'd think that'd be enough for one girl? Wrong. Well, for me at least. So, I just ordered a second wardrobe from Ikea. I'm shocked that I need that much space for my clothes, but it's true. I cannot fit one more item into my wardrobe! So, I am *very* excitedly awaiting the arrival of my new wardrobe! Finally some more space!
Had a great day, took some photos and enjoyed the sun, also read my Geographic magazines, which were fascinating!
Here's the OOTD:

So yes, as you can see, it's been a fantastic weekend. Cannot wait for next weekend, but college will be good too!



Friday, 4 October 2013


I got my newest parcel! And guess what was in it?


These photos were taken by my friend Vivianne, some are admittedly out of focus, but you get the point of the post anyway!

These leggings are quite literally the love of my life. So, meet BlackMilk's Purple Galaxy Leggings!
As well as my second parcel: BLACK SPIKE JEFFERY CAMPBELL LITAS. OMG.

Top: Primark
Top (Seen As Skirt): Marks & Spencer
Cardigan: Primark
Rings: H&M
Leggings: BlackMilk
Boots: Jeffery Campbell Black Leather Spiked Lita
Nails: Model's Own 'Blueberry Muffin' Scented Pastels Range.

Bag: River Island
Stag Head Necklace: River Island (Old)
So yeah, now you've seen my new leggings, and hopefully, I'll be posting my weekly OOTD video this weekend, showing off what I've been wearing this week!
What's this weekend's plans?
1) Keeping my blog up-to-date, and finishing off my vlogs.
2) Driving lessons - CRINGE!
3) Hopefully doing something with my hair, it needs some sort of treatment, I can't stand how messy it constantly is!
4) Going to Zumba - What? I need to keep fit!
Well, thanks for reading, Ciao!

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