Monday, 30 November 2015


Hello everyone.
I've taken a short break from blogging as you have probably seen, because I've not felt inspired, or in the right frame of mind to write here for a while now. For personal reasons that I don't wish to disclose, I've been really, very unhappy recently, and it is only now that I'm starting to feel a little better. Things still aren't 100% and I'm not as happy as I used to be, but I'm grateful for the kind support of close family friends and foster family who've lent an ear and generally checked in with me to make sure I'm okay.
A lot has been going on the past two months as a combination of many different things that have been really difficult and unpleasant, but I'm coping now, just so you know, and I won't allow myself to get that low again.
I haven't decorated the house for Christmas yet, because this year I'm getting a real tree, and I can't get it too early otherwise it'll be dead earlier than I'd like it to be, because it's a weird tradition to leave the tree up until early January in our house (beyond the 1st, usually comes down around the 3rd/4th as my birthday is on the 10th, so it's nice to have that festive feeling lasting as long as possible before it outgrows itself).
I can't believe that either. It's 41 days until my birthday (although, now I say it, that sounds miles off...) but it's still very exciting anyway. The student finance is paid the day after my birthday for everyone so I've decided to buy myself a birthday present after the 11th. I've decided what I'll be buying already, and I'm possibly getting my next tattoo, although I'm no 110% sure on it, since I adore the design but don't really know if I want another permanent mark on myself...
But anyway, I just wanted to check in and let you know that despite all of this, I've been regularly uploading to YouTube according to my YouTube schedule of 4pm every Wednesday and 5pm every Sunday, (UK times) and I'm personally very proud of my efforts over there at the moment, I feel like I've come a long way and that I'm very proud of my channel now and the content I upload.
My latest video went live yesterday, all you have to do to view it is click the photo below.
Love and Light, 
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Thursday, 12 November 2015


I think I've come down with a virus because I'll be honest here, I am feeling so rough today. I woke up with a really sore throat, and I've progressed to having a really bad headache and feeling sick. I am told that this morning someone was sick in Primark just suddenly, and apparently there is a virus going round, so I wouldn't be surprised if that was what it was, since I am feeling quite rough.
I just wanted to let everyone know that I've continued working hard to improve my YouTube channel, and I'm now just sprucing up my blog a bit. I used to update my blog every couple of weeks due to my insatiable desire to improve things (Either that or my constant dissatisfaction with the aesthetics of my blog) but I've kept it constant for a good few months now (I can't remember the last time I actually did a routine overhaul of it!)
Not only that, but I've just ordered some new products that I'm going to be reviewing soon, so that'll be exciting to share with you.
I do feel like I'm finally getting my head around artificial lighting (although this won't be visible on my YouTube channel until next month as pre-filming with the old settings still has lighting looking a little dull) but I feel like my new settings have improved this, and this will hopefully become visible later this month.
I hope you've all been enjoying my channel's content recently, I've been making sure that the content is more interesting, and making the effort to ensure I don't ramble (well not as much)
I hope you're all well, I'm going to finish up online and probably crawl back into bed.
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Sunday, 1 November 2015


This past week has been: magical. 

So, the main point of this post was to tell you about my new Halloween Video that I've just uploaded to YouTube, I'll link it below, just click the picture and you'll be taken to it, please remember to like and subscribe if you haven't already, every like and subscribe helps support me!

Although I've been suffering with pretty bad insomnia and the inability to get to sleep, I've made the most of it, as it's given me the time I've needed to collect my thoughts, discover new music, write poetry for three hours until 1am, and sort of get myself into the correct frame of mind for the new modules at university. Last module was about The Odyssey  and now we're studying two modules at the same time since The Odyssey has finished, these are The Craft of Writing (poetry and creative non fiction), and Writing the Modern World (1600-1600). I started these two new modules on the week commencing the 26th of October, and having not fully settled into my previous module, (as I've said before I hate being shunted into new and potentially scary situations, this probably spurs from attending a grand total of 8 schools, secondary schools, sixth forms, colleges and of course, one university). 

However, as daunting as the prospect was of being shoved into two new seminar groups with people I didn't know, I requested to be moved into two seminar groups whereby my two male friends that I bonded with on the first day of university were in, so for one module, I'm with Jack, and the other module, I'm with Dan. My third male friend Lucas in is another seminar group, but the three of us meet up regularly after lectures. I'm hoping this week that I'll get to know other people in the seminar groups a little better. I did miss the first of one of the seminars, which was unfortunate, but I didn't feel well enough to commute on that day. I did briefly talk with two very friendly, bubbly girls in the seminar I did attend, and I'd like to get to know them both a bit better, because as much as I love the boys, I would love some female friends too because what's a conversation without some fashion talk etc?

And yes, I look shoddy in all of these images, two hours on a bus with air con doesn't do makeup or hair a world of justice I can tell you...

From Left to Right: Lucas, Dan & Myself.

L to R: Myself & Jack.

L To R: Me, Dan & Jack.

So yes, now you have faces to names!

Also, before I wrap up this random post, I wanted to share with you a music artist that I've been loving recently, who goes by the name of POGO.

Forget - POGO.

This song makes me both happy, and sad on equal levels, and I feel it's so beautiful. It may not be to your taste, you may think it's bonkers, which I wouldn't deny you the right to think - I felt that way too the first time I heard it!

And the other ones I've been adoring by POGO in particular are:

Upular - POGO.

I absolutely adore this one, and could happily dance to this one, but unfortunately it isn't available to buy on iTunes :( I have bought Forget, and The Trouble though! If you hear the line "PUT ME IN A FLUORESCENT WIG" then kudos to you, and even more kudos if you hear it in a dodgier version haha, I hadn't heard it until I read the comments **massive hint there if you don't know what others think they're actually hearing** it's sang for the first time at 1.35.

And the other I like is 'Alice'.

And lastly, I'm so excited because I've finally got plans for what I'm doing on my 21st birthday with Ben, I'll announce it nearer the time (10th January)

Anyway, I hope you're all doing well, had a wonderful Halloween and haven't gorged yourselves on too much candy!

Lots of Love,
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