Friday, 18 December 2015


I'm going to be taking a YouTube break. If I get a chance, I'll record, edit and upload a video announcing this properly, but for the moment I just want a break, I don't like filming videos when I'm not feeling very cheerful, and I know for a fact that it comes across in my videos when I've filmed in a bad mood.... I can definitely tell.
So yes, I'm going to take a break over the Christmas period.
Honestly I just want Christmas over and done now, I've unfortunately lost all enthusiasm for it (maybe I'm just getting too old for the whole occasion), but yeah I just want to take a break from YouTube, whilst I focus on my coursework for uni which is due January 20th. I hope you guys don't mind. I'll be back sometime in January (if not before) with hauls etc. (I won't be doing a What I Got For Christmas this year! Sorry!) But I'll be showing items I've bought myself in the sales :) Since quite a few people enjoyed the first part of my video games collection video, I'll also be posting the second part this Sunday, and in January I'll do a PS3 haul as I've already planned out what I'll be buying then.

I just want to wish each and every one of you a safe and happy Christmas,
Much Love.
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Sunday, 13 December 2015


So as we all know, Winter and Christmas is the time when everyone whips out the berry/plummy/burgundy shades for their lips, and I've not been an exception for the last two years, but I've realised that this year, I want to do something different.
Wearing a red/bold lip doesn't just make me feel incredibly self conscious "Is it smeared all over my face? Has it spread onto my teeth?!" but it also makes me feel so uncomfortable and become a bit paranoid about wondering if it's smeared all over my face without me realising.
This year, I'm opting for what I feel most comfortable in:
I'm sporting a nude lip.
And no, the simplistic, natural nude lip doesn't have to mean BARE. I'm opting for my favourite lipstick which is MAC Myth, it was a toss-up between this and Honey Love by MAC, but as I'm naturally very pale myself, I wanted something equally pale to subtract away from the fact I've gone for bold shimmery eyeshadow, which has this past month been a mixture of looks created with the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette (YES! I know! I don't 'like' the Naked 2 palette, and since purchasing mine, it has sat redundantly in my draw completely unused, for the year I've had it (I think I've had it a year, maybe it's more?) but at last I've been sporting looks created with this palette.
My favourite shade is 'YDK' a subtle rose/bronze colour (it's peculiar but I have grown to love it) I also didn't mention that my hair is now all over brown and I LOVE IT. I'm honestly considering staying this way permanently. I picked my colour in semi permanent to cover over the green tinted blonde ombre I had, but it just faded super quickly so I grabbed a colour from Boots super quickly (not properly thinking it over) called Warm Reddish Brown (I knew that moment was a mistake!) and at first, this permanent colour was AUBURN, but as it's gently faded, it matches my natural perfectly (in my opnion) because I only covered where the bleach was (from the top of the ears down) and I have naturally ash brown hair with warm reddish tints (AYE I'M HALF SCOTTISH) so I'm super duper happy, the condition is returning and I am just happy with it!
So what lip colour will you be sporting this year?
Today's Music Choice:
Timbaland ft Katy Perry - If We Ever Meet Again.
(Super old school but I love this more and more with time)
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Saturday, 12 December 2015


This weekend I'm working on my second assignments for my two modules at university (coursework that counts towards our degree) I've finished the fiction piece of 2,000 words, but still need to write a 1,000 word critical reflection for it, and that's assignment 2 done for one module, and I'm currently trying to tackle assignment 2 for the other module, which is answering an essay question on Hamlet and The Tempest. It's nothing "confusing" for me, I've always felt naturally literate when it comes to Shakespeare's works, but I don't enjoy formulating essay responses, and it is something that I quite struggle with.
Ah well, I'll hopefully figure this whole "university" thing out sooner or later.
I've lit the fire today and because it's so gusty, the smoke keeps filling the room and IT STINKS! I've got the window open but my goodness it smells horrid. :(
Oh well.
I should probably get on with things, its just a shame I feel so uninspired, tired and have a stomach ache today. I can't stop feeling constantly tired. I wish tablets that could purge your mind of tiredness existed, and wiped out all mental heaviness and tiredness. I'm sick (and tired) of my mind feeling constantly tired. It's lesser when I'm happier, but when I'm at my worst, rawest state, it's like death itself.
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Friday, 4 December 2015


Olly Murs - I've Tried Everything.

Wow. I must be feeling nostalgic today or something, because I'm listening to the entire of this particular album by Olly Murs. I remember buying the CD in Sainsburys when it first came out, and honestly, it's probably my most played CD out of the few I have left... It's certainly been overplayed in the car on very long journeys, as well as in the house during cooking and washing up.
Today I've got to pop out to the doctor's at some point to go and sign up for online appointment booking (because you have to show ID in person to be applicable) and last night I stayed up until 1.30am writing a 2,000 word piece of coursework for university that I'm so incredibly proud of. I wish I could share it, but due to the whole "Don't copy other people" scenario, I wouldn't want to get hauled up when I submit it for potentially copying off of my own blog.... Maybe when I've submitted and had my grades back I'll share it, it's a short story piece of fiction and although I can say I've written some really impressive pieces in my life (yes, blowing my own trumpet, yes, because it's true, I'm extremely proud of a few pieces of coursework for A Level, both in AS Literature and AS Language taken at two different colleges two years after the other) I feel like this latest piece may just be my best yet. And there I was, completely fretting and uninspired, and I've managed to create a whole story that I feel 2,000 words isn't anywhere near enough of a word count for me to get to the "good part". Haha maybe one day I'll write the book version of it, get it published and everyone will finally get to read it!
Coursework aside, my two PS3 games arrived, and I can't stop staring at them! I bought The Last of Us, and Tomb Raider 2013, two games I've wanted for 2 years, and finally purchased (even though I don't have a PS3 yet....) but I'm getting my PS3 after my 21st birthday in January, as I am going to buy it myself. I'm hoping in that time to have bought a wall mount for my grandmothers television so I can mount it opposite my bed (the wall that used to be the main background for all the YouTube videos filmed where I'm sitting on the bed, and it had those three circle prints behind me, yeah, that wall) well my bed is now facing that wall (weird, I know, but my Queen walnut (I think) sleigh bed is MASSIVE and it only just fits in my room, in the most awkward positioning. But I love it now, so there. Maybe I'll do a room tour one day.... Or maybe not, my room permanently looks like a clothes gun has gone off and shot all my clothes over every surface and paperwork all over the floor. I need to get more organised....
Anyway, Lots of Love,
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