Friday, 21 April 2017


Today is a beautiful day, and like usual I'm struggling to add anything useful to my university assignment (I'm pretty sure my choice of module wasn't that great, actually). 

Credit: Lovethispic
I just wanted to take this moment to say, use your day wisely.
Think before you say that insulting thing on your mind whilst you're in a spur of the moment argument with your friend, family member or partner.

Work hard on yourself. Try to be a better person. I've been trying harder lately to learn to be more patient, and more forgiving. I won't deny it, it hasn't always been easy. Some positive personality traits don't always come easily, but you can always learn them. I've always had trust issues which I don't want to get into, but let's put it this way, I've been let down by people who were very close to me in the past and that's meant I'm pretty closed off from letting people in. Learning to trust isn't easy, but the positive of being disappointed is that I've developed a pretty sharp sense for knowing who is genuine and who isn't, so see the positives in the negatives. There's bound to be something good there. If there isn't, well maybe you're looking in the wrong place and need a fresh plot of good to plough.

Say something nice to a colleague today. Make them smile, and let them know in your own little way you appreciate them.

If anything, why not follow another of my readers/followers (you can find them on my Google + widget on the right of my blog, you may need to scroll down a little) and make a new friend? I am grateful and so fortunate to have such lovely readers/followers, and I feel it's time to give a little back to all of you, because you've not only been amazing, but you've helped me be a better person.

So get out there, make a new friend, find inspiration in your surroundings and please, 

Please be kind to one another.

I know you'll do great.



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Saturday, 8 April 2017


I promised you another OOTD didn't I?
Well here it is. My take on the biker babe trend, which I am LOVING! Leather jackets, paisley bandanas, low maintenance hair and laid back band t-shirts are go!


Leather Jacket: River Island
Bandana: Amazon Fashion
T-shirt (Worn as dress): Missguided at ASOS
Leggings: Marks & Spencer
Shoes: Converse.


I hope you enjoyed my take on the biker babe trend!

Samantha x
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Tuesday, 4 April 2017


Today's post is of course, an Outfit Of The Day post. 
It's been a while, hasn't it?

I know.

And I'm pleased to be back, bringing you a new look that I love wearing at the moment, and there's another Outfit Of The Day coming at the weekend! I'm getting a new camera lens at the end of the month so I hope it'll make a big difference to future OOTDs!

Anyway, enough rambling, enjoy!





I hope you enjoyed today's post, see you soon!

Samantha x

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Saturday, 11 March 2017

W E E K I N R E V I E W // 1 1 . 0 3 . 1 7 .

So I've neglected you a little over here lately, haven't I? 

I'm sorry.

I mean it.

This week has been ... strange. I don't mean in the "I've seen a ghost" kind of strange, nope, I've never seen a ghost so don't worry. Nor do I believe in them. Anyway, off topic. This week like I was saying, has been strange. It's been a week of highs and lows, like any other week, and it's been a week of new beginnings. This week I took up Pilates for the first time and really enjoyed it, (even though, like always, I underestimated the intensity of it, and found myself feeling a little embarrassed by my physique and lack of body strength compared to some of the slimmer ladies in the room, and then kicked myself for feeling so uncomfortable internally, and slightly jealous of some of the other women, since, I took up Pilates to better myself internally and externally, more on that later)... so Pilates was brilliant, and totally had me aching for the next few days. I've decided to attend the weekly session every week from now on as a replacement for Zumba, which I haven't attended in at least 3 years. It had gotten to the point where Zumba was more stressful than enjoyable since the studio gym I attended (and now attend for Pilates class) was ABSOLUTELY CRAMMED, to the point whereby each week was fully booked and you could barely move in the space that was provided. With that and my health at the time deteriorating, I decided to leave. However, I can finally say I've found a replacement that makes me feel both mentally and physically better.

I also started ANOTHER fitness class this week and that was Aqua Fit, held at the same venue as Pilates. I thoroughly enjoyed the class, and even though I was again, really nervous about integrating into a class I didn't know, I sort of found my own slot and got on with it, and they played the Mamma Mia soundtrack to work out to - I was smiling from ear to ear, since I've loved the soundtrack since the release of the film years ago, and I downloaded the full soundtrack onto my phone last week. It was wonderful, and uplifting for the soul to be in a swimming pool filmed with women supporting one another and encouraging one another (and one man, who bless him took part and found his own place too) to do their best, sing along, and work out. And yet again, I underestimated the intensity of the class. That was a nice surprise, to find the class was actually a little bit knackering - it worked out my arms far more than my legs which was great, because it was mainly my legs being destroyed in Pilates!

So, returning to a point I made earlier - I've been really working on being a better person, not just visibly, but internally too. I don't feel like I'm a particularly "good" person anymore, and for a long time, I've just sort of "existed". I don't feel like I've really added to society and the world around us, so I've been trying harder to learn and be a better person. I want to improve the lives of others, whilst improving myself. 

I've been eating healthier - I've cut out sugary drinks, (which I didn't drink that much of to begin with), I've cut out chocolate (I haven't eaten any in over a week, bar a teaspoon of nutella on an apple today, which I'm kicking myself for). I'm cooking cleaner, healthier meals and making acai bowls for breakfast every morning and working on just trying to tone up and slim down because honestly, I'm not happy in my body anymore, and that's affecting my mind. My mind is becoming unhappy because my body is unhappy.

I bought the Phil Collins CD shown in the image above this week, and I'm so glad I did. It's soul soothing, and just hugely nostalgic, not because I was born in the era to appreciate it (because I wasn't - I was born in '95 in case you didn't know) but because it reminds me of Greece (more on that in my last post) and it just makes me feel so much better when things get a little too much.

I completed two more assignments and submitted them on time which was a massive relief, and I've today started the first of two more due at the end of this month.

I visited a deli/tea room with my mum this week, a place local to us, that I'd never been to before, and again had troubles feeling comfortable. I became very self-conscious and worried that people were judging me for my clothing (a denim jacket, dark smoky makeup and general grunge/rock chic look) and my piercings, because let's be honest, a lot of older people do not like piercings. I felt uncomfortable for a little while, until an older couple left (who I'd felt like were staring, but god knows that could well have been in my head what with already feeling self-conscious and like I didn't fit in there) but when a lady about my mother's age walked in wearing bright pink with bright pink streaks through the front of her blonde hair, and every one was admiring her (myself included) I suddenly realized, it WAS in my head. I had no reason to feel as bad as I did, and I suddenly loosened up, relaxed and enjoyed a chilled half an hour, drinking tea with my mum, and talking, normally, about life, and things.

This coming Wednesday, I'm off on a trip with university, on a coach trip for a fair few hours to stay away for a couple of nights and watch some Shakespeare plays. I'm both excited and nervous about it, since I don't know who else is attending (I'll find out at the meeting on Monday) and we're staying in a hotel for two nights, and I'm secretly hoping I won't have to share a room with someone else, since none of my friends are attending (as far as I'm aware). However, I am excited because I get a two-night getaway for nothing, and I get to use my new solid suitcase because I've been wanting to use it since I got it, and watching Shakespeare plays live, which in my family, became a tradition, and my mother took me to many live open-air plays (all Shakespeare, a few non) whilst I was growing up, to give me a sense of culture, and honestly, I think that really shaped my progression into Literature as my degree.

Anyway, I hope this week has treated you lovingly, and that next week will treat you with the utmost kindness too. Who knows? Maybe you'll take up a new hobby too? Maybe you'll discover a new song and fall hopelessly in love with the way it makes you feel?

Have a wonderful week Ohana,


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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

S W E E T . M U S I C

So lately I've been listening to lots of different music, and finding it's been helping me center myself and aid my thoughts. I want to share this music with you, because I know my Music for the Soul series was well received, and I hope that my music choices can still bring others joy.

Photo Credit: Tumblr.

Firstly, I discovered this rather unconventional song in a much larger saxophone tropical house playlist, and simply fell in love with it. It reminds me of Gostan - Klanga De Hofnar Remix which is simply gorgeous too. I recommend Bakermat - Intro for the days when you need something to help you get out of a bad mood. It peps me up, and motivates me, it makes me want to raise my hands up and dance. When hearing it, I imagine a vast festival overlooked by glorious sunshine and people dancing and having an amazing time, something that is a comfort during these cold, dreary Winter months that will soon be over.

The next song that I've had on repeat every night for the past week has been Phil Collins - Another Day In Paradise because let's be honest, who doesn't love Phil Collins? No, but seriously, the real reason I've come to adore this song is because of the memories it prompts. I first came to properly learn the lyrics and enjoy the rhythm of the song last summer when I traveled by myself to Greece, and stayed with a long-term family friend who moved out there several years ago. I've known this person since I was a child and I was so grateful when they offered me the opportunity to stay with them and explore the island. This family friend is learning, and at the time, was learning to play the drums. One of the songs he was determined to learn, was Another Day in Paradise and each day, as I heard him practicing along to the song, I began to learn the words and appreciate the skill required to play this song and the rhythm of it. It just gives me such happy vibes and I love hearing it. A tropical house remix of this particular song that I recommend (although can 100% say is not better than the original) is Phil Collins - Another Day in paradise (Lucas Türschmann Remix) which has a wonderfully catchy beat to it.

The next choice is another Phil Collins piece, this time another remix of an absolute classic, and it is Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight ('Panski & John Skyfield Remix) [Deep House] .  I know I've featured this one before, but there is good reason to feature it again: to remind you of how incredible it truly is. I've never been high, but I can imagine that it'd feel pretty much like how this remix makes me feel. Weightless. It's truly bliss to hear.

Photo Credit: Tumblr.

Another remix I've been adoring is Mashup Germany - I'm Coming Home with the music underneath being Midnight City by M83 and acting as the backbone to the song, it's easy to fall in love with this. If you've known me for a long time or been a longtime reader of my blog, you'll maybe know I've always loved Diddy - Dirty Money - Coming Home ft. Skylar Grey and hearing it incorporated into a song with Midnight City is breathtaking. It is well worth a listen.

Lastly, another remix that I've been adoring has to be The Police - Every Breath You Take (Deep Chills Remix) which is simply heavenly. The perfect speed and tempo mixed with the underlying beat being remarkably reminiscent of that of Titanium by David Guetta (and yes, we all know how much I adore Guetta's music). 

Okay, so I hope you enjoyed all of my musical picks! Also, some of the images are from Tumblr (all of them are credited) and the rest are my own photos, some of them from my time in Greece.

Have a wonderful rest of your week, and remember, you're amazing.


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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

WEEK IN REVIEW. 31.01.2017.

This week has been a bit stressful, but it's also been very rewarding, and I feel like I'm getting through my final university assignment well. I say final, because it's the final one of this batch of three, but in a couple of weeks I'll be required to fill in three more so I can't get all excited that it's over yet...

I posted my new video on Sunday, click the photo below if you want to go and take a look, it'd mean a lot to me if you gave it a like and subscribed if you haven't already.

So, back to the week in review part of this post. I enjoyed doing gel nails at home for the first time last week and that was brilliant. I got my nose pierced, so that was also an interesting experience. I started reading a Sophie Kinsella book that I've not read before, because I have been struggling to fall asleep lately, and I've missed her novels. I'm currently reading Wedding Night

My week has mostly consisted of assignment researching and writing and cuddling cats. I've also recently started watching an old play-through of Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch by "Stampy Long Head" which I've been enjoying, although if I'm honest his "ah-ah" laugh kind of does my head in a little.... *ouch at my honesty*

I also discovered that my nose shape means I can only comfortably wear nose rings and L shaped studs (don't change your jewellery before 3-4 months healing is up unless you want an infection, I had to change mine from a corkscrew stud because it was causing me unnatural discomfort, I know because I've had my nose pierced twice, and I had no unusual discomfort only a few hours after having a corkscrew piercing on the opposite side of my nose!) I'd had my nose pierced initially on the right side, but realised I disliked it on that side, and removed it 24 hours after having had it done, and then got it repierced on the left side the following morning, I'm strange like that, I know.

I also found it rather pleasurable seeking new jewellery for my new piercings for when I can comfortably switch out the jewellery. I had to change the initial helix piercing jewellery before it's even healed as I had it pierced with a ball-hoop which was incredibly uncomfortable and painful to sleep on (note to anyone contemplating new piercings: don't get hoops/rings. Switch to them when the piercing is fully healed because sleeping on hoops/rings and accidentally pulling them ((which happens far more commonly than you'd imagine)) really hurts!) I switched out the ball-hoop in my helix to a ball-secured stud. I put in a 3mm wide blue opal and it's so pretty (you can see it in the thumbnail above). I also ordered it in a 5mm width one as the 3mm is tiny, however, for my ear shape and size, the 5mm is a little too big, so I've left the 3mm in and that's what'll remain until the 3 month healing phase is up. The link to the opal stud I have is HERE. When I say 3 and 5mm, I mean the width of the OPAL, not the width of the bar section which goes through the piercing. It's only 1.2mm in width so it's not going to stretch your piercings, don't panic.

Anyway, I do hope this week has treated each one of you well, have you achieved your goals? Have you been feeling enthusiastic about what you're doing lately? I hope you feel fulfilled with your life at the moment, I know it's easy to feel demotivated when the weather is as miserable as it's been here this week.

Love and Light, 

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Saturday, 28 January 2017


So I feel like the past few months have been a bit of a rollercoaster of stress and happiness, I've had moments I've felt blissfully content, and others, where I've wanted to just scream that enough was enough. I spent today working solidly on an assignment for university and all of this evening working on a new YouTube video with some extra lighting as I bought an extra piece of equipment lately to make the lighting adequate again.

I've been swept up in this university work, but I'm content it's going well and I'm genuinely pleased with what I've filmed tonight, you'll have access to the new video on YouTube on Sunday 29/01 at 5pm GMT. I'm excited for you to see it because I spent a lot of time setting it up so the lighting was right, and making myself feel my best for it, because let's face it; there is nothing worse than when you're watching a YouTuber who looks awful because they feel awful within themselves *cough my last video* so anyway, onward and upward.

I hope you're all well, and that life is treating you kindly. I hope to see you over on my new video tomorrow (Sunday)!

Think magical thoughts,


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Wednesday, 18 January 2017


So I made a YouTube video. I guess it means I'm back?

You know the drill, click the image to be taken to the video, please leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed it!

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